Based off the web series – that defined the term "group effort"–, Stink is a single cam, half-hour, serialized dark comedy.

Think Girls meets Trailer Park Boys.

Set in a small country town, this female driven series chronicles the lives of three 30 year old trashy ladies: Anna, dealing with the aftermath of her father's suicide, and her two best friends: Tammy, who holds a soft spot in her heart for prison inmates, and Kim, who has an obsession with a married man.  Anna wants a better life for herself: a hot husband, a great house, 2.5 kids; however, alcohol and the shenanigans of her best gals severely impede this goal. To go after what she wants means abandoning all the bad influences in her life: the people who love her.

When the series begins, Anna is living with her mentally-unstable mom and has made the decision to get her life on track.  She constantly takes one step forward and two steps back.  This battle, to step bravely in the direction of  happiness and be alone, or remain miserable, but surrounded by the only family she knows,  challenges Anna in every episode.

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