schitt'$ creek


In case you've been living under a rock somewhere (or don't watch network television), Schitt's Creek follows the Rose family's fall from affluent grace. They have lost it all and have moved to the town Schitt's Creek, purchased on a whim by the patriarch, John.  Hilarity ensues...


spec script synopsis

Alexis and David go to a psychic who consequently informs them that they both have unfortunate futures. Alexis gets a dog to show Mutt her un-selfish side, but he still won’t make time for her. Moira agrees to co-host the county talent show with Roland, but schemes to win the competition herself and take the prize money. Alexis freaks out that she is accidentally killing the dog and brings it to Ted for a check up. David believes he is dying and Roland thinks the psychic has hexed him. Roland brings David and John into the forest to see a lady who can remove the curse. When they arrive, David sees the same "psychic" he saw the day before, and demands his money back. At the talent show, Moira scares the audience with her performance of Lady Macbeth’s “Out, out damn spot” soliloquy. Alexis is forced by her parents to return the dog because David is allergic. She returns the dog, not to the pet store, but to the family living beside the pet store.

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