1/2 hour, network, multi-cam family comedy spec

An ex-musician takes over his late wife’s dance studio to reconnect with his eight year old daughter.

Think Cheers meets Full House. Jude Marley, a Sam Malone type, divorces his wife Hope to pursue a music career. At the height of his success, Hope dies in a fatal car crash. Faced with the decision to continue on his own path of fame and celebrity, or wise-up and be a father, Jude choses to return to his small town, put on his big girl shoes and become a parent. 

He has turned a new leaf. But it won't be easy. Rock n' roll is all he's ever known...


  • Jude:  35, attractive, charismatic, lots of game. He's a ladies man, but has sworn to 'keep it in the crease' and be a great role model to his daughter, Norah.
  • Emma: 30, sweet, married, and very devoted to her daughter, Harriet. Having just moved to Watermill, she is new to the studio.
  • Miss Steffi: 40, frazzled, 'stuck in the 80s,' an Edith Bunker type. She is the only dance teacher at Studio B. She is married to Hank who still doesn't know how to use the microwave.
  • Kathy: 35, hot, brash, a bully. Her family owns the town and she isn't afraid to throw her weight around. Her 'hard edge' is attractive to Jude, but he constantly works to stave off her advances.

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